WEBSITE | Created a micro-site that explains the entire road trip, what we're setting out to prove and how to follow along as we journey across the country.

ExxonMobil | Go20K Road Trip

Integrated Campaign


Mobil 1 Annual Protection, a new product, promises that you can drive 20,000 miles on just one oil change. People didn’t believe it. They left a lot of comments on Facebook saying so.

Our goal was to make them.


We proved it.

Over the course of threes months, we sent two cars on a non-stop drive all across the country, racking up 20,000 miles on just one oil change.

Every 5,000 miles, we’d make a pit stop, hang out with some famous friends, and—most importantly—pull our oil to test how it was performing.

Basically, don’t talk about it. Be about it.

BAD REVIEW, BETTER ANSWERS | Pushing Mobil 1’s comfort zone, I concepted, wrote and directed a video to recycle the product nonbelievers’ social comments. We then had our engineer lay down some truth. Luckily, he’s from New Jersey, so he brought a little spunk to it.


SPOTS | To enrich our story, we teamed up with NASCAR legend Kevin Harvick, NBA superstar Anthony Davis, and comedian Casey Webb (star of our tvcs).


ONLINE VIDEOS | To maintain campaign momentum, we released frequent road trip updates using the 360 GoPro footage captured while traversing the nation. Each video was concepted, written and directed by myself + art director.


ART DIRECTOR | Stephen Bernier CREATIVE DIRECTOR | Gina Collura